Everyone may become a victim of crime.

Any crime may have physical, psychological, social and economic consequences.
Moreover, it is natural that every criminal proceeding gives rise to a number of questions and makes us feel uneasy and concerned.

If you are a victim of crime or you know someone who has suffered from crime, you may find this website helpful.
Here you will find information about criminal proceedings, regulations and institutions that provide support.

Some of the information available on this website has been deliberately simplified, so that it is easily understood by the general public. This simplification does not affect the accuracy and correctness of the content. Considering current law and its evolution, the variety of legal practices and the fact that each case is a case, you are advised to complement the information available on this website with the necessary tailored legal advice. The content for this website was created by SubveniaVictimain the context of the INFOVICTMS project, co-financed by the Criminal Justice Support Programme of the European Commission – Directorate-General for Justice. The content reflects SubveniaVictima point of view, and the European Commission cannot be made responsible by any use of the information available on this website.