Victim reactions

Experiencing crime may have a number of emotional and physiological reactions and behaviours.
You can expect strong emotions and thoughts difficult to cope with. Although such emotions are natural they may lead to a sense of helplessness and loss of control, which in turn may cause fear.
Remember that in the majority of cases you will eventually overcome those feelings and in time you regain the sense of control over your life.

You may find several reactions described above in you or none at all. It is important to understand that there are no fixed ways you feel or react.
Crime may influence us in many different ways. We have our own strategies of dealing with difficulties in our lives. Usually, those strategies are quite efficient and helpful in various circumstances. However, as a victim we react differently and our usual strategies may not be sufficient.
We often feel that our personal integrity was harmed and we are in shock.
Additionally, we may encounter problems such as sleep disorder, depression, uneasiness and sense of guilt. We may even feel guilty ourselves although we know that it was not our fault.

This disagreement to a situation and lack of understanding are difficult for most of us.

In fact, our completely normal reaction to abnormal situations make us feel as if we lost control over our lives. Then, the world may seem a very dangerous place for us.