Right of victims in need
of particular protection

Victims in need of special protection are those people who due to their personal features, type and nature of crime and its circumstances are particularly exposed to negative aftermath of those incidents, recurrent victimisation, and risk of threat or retaliation.In the case of such people,high level protection needs to be applied. Every case should be considered individually depending on its circumstances.

All activities related to such victims should involve especially trained personnel, and in case the victim has to be interrogated more than once, this should be in principle done by the same person.

It is necessary to avoid direct contact between the victim and the perpetrator, for instanceduring a police line-up.Any such activity should avoid situations in which the perpetrator can recognise the victim.Similar principles apply to witnesses, who while standing in front of a court can be exposed to retaliation by the perpetrator or people related to him/her.

Once you are in such a situation, a court or a prosecutor can apply those measures to conceal your identity during legal activities. Those may involvea remote interrogation using relevant technical equipment.
In certain instances, your interrogation may be confidential, without public, if your private interest might be at stake, e.g. your intimate affairs.

Victims who require special protection due to circumstances of the crime have the right to resort to a specialistpsychologist, social worker or organizations established to provide assistance to crime victims.