Anyone can become a victim of a crime.

Do not think that it only happens to other people.

A victim of a crime is a person, according to the law, who has experienced an assault on their life, violation of physical or mental integrity, emotional suffering or material loss.

The relatives of the victim are also victims of the crime, those directly responsible for the victim, those who suffered any loss resulting from granting help to the victim, or those who tried to prevent secondary victimisation.

Most of the activities considered crimes are described in the penal code.

If you were / are a victim of a crime, report this fact to the appropriate authorities (police or prosecution office).

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Being aware of the rights that victims of a crime are eligible to is very important.
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In a criminal procedure, a victim of a crime is almost always obliged to take part in the court proceedings as a witness, as their direct knowledge about what happened is crucial in investigating the truth.

A victim of a crime has the right to take an active part in court proceedings – in such a case they play the role of a auxiliary prosecutor. Learn more about the rights of the auxiliary prosecutor here.