A juror is an important element in the Polish judicial system. Their voice in predication on a given issue may decide the result of a proceeding.

Jurors make up the court of district and regional courts primarily, which are then chaired by a professional judge. Their participation in predication is connected with specific case types. And so in criminal cases, they sit as members of the jury in proceedings regarding a crime (two jurors and one professional judge), in cases subject to a life sentence (three jurors and two professional judges), and in civil cases regarding labour law and family relations (limitation or reversion of parental responsibilities; adoption, divorce, separation, dissolution of adoption, ineffability of fatherhood affiliation).

A juror, as a member of a panel of judges, similar to a judge during a trial, sits at the judges’ table dressed in a toga, has the right to ask questions, their voice in predication is equal to the voice of the professional judge.