How a psychologist can help.

You should know that a victim of crime and his/her relatives have the right to free specialist assistance of a psychologist.

You may encounter various emotions, nagging thoughts, questions, doubts, frequent fatigue and/or physical pain. Being a victim of crime is hard for everyone, so it is understandable that it might be difficult for you as well.

A professional psychologist will support and understand you. A psychologist becomes your companion helping you to go through the aftermath of a crime.

Most importantly, you are not alone. You have a person and place to provide you with professional service whenever needed.

During a meeting you can talk as much as you are ready to share. No one is going to push you to do anything. Of course, it is important that you talk about difficult issues without concealing them, but it is always you who decide when the right moment comes.

A psychologist will always carefully listen to you and understand emotions that may come up.

A psychologist will pay attention to what you say and how you feel about it.

Sessions with a psychologist are based on acceptance, trust and good relationship.

It is important that a professional assistance is used not only by adults but children as well. Even if the latter were not direct victims but witnesses of a crime, they should receive support of a specialist. Since children may also frequently encounter difficult emotions and concerns, so it is good to have a well-trained professional talking to them.

Remember, a psychologist will never be judgmental or criticize you. Every day, a psychologist deals with different people and situations, and everyone is considered equally important.