Social care
Social care

Social Care is a social policy institution responsible for domestic social policy. It helps people and families overcoming difficulties in their lives they are not able to cope with alone using their own rights, resources and capabilities.


Social Care is responsible for the following:

  • assigning and paying compensation
  • social work
  • crisis intervention

Principles of social care
Social care is provided when requested by a person interested, his/her representative or any other person authorized by a person interested or his/her legal representative. A person or his/her family may also apply for social assistance with a social care centre at the place of their domicile (such centres are in every municipality).
Decisions on assignment or refusal of social support are preceded by a local investigation/interview made by a social care centre representative. Decisions concerning social support are made in writing. Every decision can be appealed.

Each victim and his/her relatives have the right to use the assistance of the Crisis Intervention Centre. Such centres provide specialist assistance, especially psychological and legal service, accommodation for people and families who are victims of violence or suffer from any other crisis situation.