“Assistant” App was created by the SOS for Family Association via funds granted by the Crime Victim and Post-Penitentiary Assistance Fund with crime victims in mind who do not have the possibility of getting to the Aid Centre for Crime Victims or, for some other reasons, prefer to do it via the internet remaining anonymous at the same time.

“Assistant” App is aimed at users of smartphones, especially teenagers and students. Research in Europe shows that the problem of crime among students especially in student homes is not a marginal issue and requires reaching these groups with specific services.

“Assistant” App is free of charge. There is an option of installing it into a mobile device (tablet, phone) from the Google Play Store. Taking into consideration the fact that the internet is widely accessible and that there are many places where access is free of charge, this application gives the victim unlimited possibilities of contacting specialist centres providing assistance in fighting the negative consequences of crimes.

Reports are anonymous, which is a benefit for persons afraid that contacting the authorities would worsen their situation (for example, the violator may be provoked). To make a report, it is necessary to describe the event briefly, set it on a map and leave a contact number.
In two working days at the latest (usually in one day), an employee of  the Aid Centre for Crime Victims will call the victim back in order to provide any necessary support, give information and motivate them to personally contact the nearest specialist centre.

Crime victims from Poland can contact the Aid Centre for Crime run by the SOS for Family Association via the “Assistant” App..

Link to Google Play Store, where you can download the “Assistant” App for free.