Crime Victim and Post-Penitentiary
Assistance Fund
Crime Victim and Post-Penitentiary Assistance Fund

Aid Centres for Crime Victims and their close family provide free of charge psychological, legal and financial assistance.
Psychological assistance is provided in the form of an acute intervention – support is given.
A victim of a crime may also use legal assistance in the form of legal advice and writing formal documents. At the centres, a mediator and victim's assistance is also available. The assistant accompanies the victim to the court, prosecution, police and forensic examination. Both psychological and legal assistance are provided by educated specialists. For persons who found themselves in a difficult material situation as a result of the crime, financial assistance is also provided within the framework of the fund as follows:

  • covering costs of health services and medical products
  • covering costs connected with general and vocational education
  • covering costs of temporary accommodation
  • covering costs of providing shelter
  • financing temporary subsidies for covering rent
  • adapting a place or residential building to the needs of the victim
  • financing public transportation fees and covering costs of transportation
  • financing food
  • covering costs of clothing, underwear, shoes, home and personal care products